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pecification - Technical information, doll head numbers, mould identification and hair colour variation
Palitoy - The Coalville factory, history and details about the company who produced Pippa dolls
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Welcome to the home of PippaDolls.com - The ultimate source for Pippa doll collectors

Palitoy Pippa doll first appeared in 1972 and remained in production until 1980. The collection included over this course of time thirty-five dolls and over two hundred outfits. This website when complete, aims to collate all the items ever produced by Palitoy. This is all the information I have collated after many months of research and collection. To that end I hope that it will become an open forum where users can contribute pictures and information to the database. Please email me on viv@pippadolls.co.uk if you have any information you would like to contribute. I am in the process of building the other pages of the site and some are now live, see the literature and history sections. Due to the nature of this website, it is impossible for me to trace the original owners of some of these images. If you are the copyright owner of any of these images and would prefer me not to use them, please let me know and I will immediately remove them from the site. Please check back soon.

Vivienne Powers - Site owner and collector.
16 September 2009


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