Pippa - The the pocket size fashion doll
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Chronological History



First Issue Pippa - blue eyes long dark blonde hair - orange and navy short sleeved top, navy ribbed trousers, turquoise shoes.
First Issue Marie - tanned skin, long brown hair, brown eyes - with sleeveless maxi length dress (turquoise halter neck top on a pink/brown/white printed double layered skirt, white lace trim), turquoise shoes.
First Issue Tammie - blue eyes, long red hair - flared denim trousers, long sleeved blouse in blue white and green print, turquoise shoes.
Rosemary - Tammie mould, brown eyes, long brown hair - one piece wrap-over sleeveless mini dress in floral print (4 variations).
(i) Floral print yellow/pink/green/white
(ii) Floral print pink/blue/green with pale pink shoes.
(iii) Floral pink/green/blue.
(iii) Floral green/pink/white.
Rosemary - Brightly coloured floral halterneck jumpsuit with yellow ribbon at waist (two variations) Meccano issued same doll under the name of Christine.
Rosemary - Blue/pink/green floral long sleeved top and blue denim dungarees with matching bib pocket (three variations).

Mailaway outfits:
Red poncho trimmed with white ricrac and matching red mini skirt (four fabric variations).


1. Walk in the Park - Blue long sleeved mid length dress with white dots (two variations) two poodles one white and one black plus leash.
2. Need outfit name - Long sleeved white top, green floral waistcoat, green floral mini skirt, white boots.
3. Bowling Beauty (three variations), Blue/white/pink/green swirly patterned trousers and long sleeved top with gold and wgite trim, turquoise shoes, black bowling ball, three white skittles.
4. Evening Special - Long sleeved pale yellow lace maxi dress, gold bag.
5. Need outfit name - Red sleeveless pinafore mini dress with two pearl buttons at the waist, cream long sleeved blouse (two variants of pinafore in red and burgundy).
6. Winter Sunday - Red/black houndstooth mini coat, red boots.


1. Two For One - Blue trousers, long sleeved top in orange with white dots, sleeveless top in orange/blue
2. Orange Saturday - Long sleeved mini dress with blue top and orange/white skirt, brightly coloured fringe scarf, orange shoes
3. Need outfit name - Long sleeved light blue blue floral maxi dress with white lace trim (three variations)
4. Queen of Hearts - Short sleeved top in red, white vinyl sleeveless top and vinyl mini skirt
5. Need outfit name - Orange/blue/white/pink striped short sleeved mini dress with navy leatherette trim, leatherette blue hat
6. Flamenco - (three variations), short sleeved black maxi dress with floral skirt, black shoes.



First Issue Britt - Tartan long sleeved back fastening jumper top, purple trousers (leggings), white scarf with white pom-poms, purple shoes (four colour variations can be found in the tartan top).
Second issue Tammie - Peach swirly patterned sleeveless maxi dress with white cotton lace trim in pink/yellow/white/brown, turquoise shoes (two variations can be found in the fabric print, one thin nylon and the other thicker material with much brighter colours)
Emma - Horse rider - Brown jacket, cream jodhpurs, brown ankle boots, black riding hat, white polo neck scarf, pony (two variations).


First issue Pippa - red short sleeved top with motif (bird - two variations), denim trousers, white sleeveless mini dress with coloured dots, pale blue long sleeved maxi dress with blue ribbon bow, red tartan short sleeved mini dress with red leatherette chest, pink and white bikini, white shoes (two pairs)

PARIS COLLECTION 197three - #32520

1. Silver floral long sleeved jumpsuit, matching fabric silver bag with chain handle (two variations).
2. Sleeveless blue mini dress with green dots, matching long sleeved coat, blue headscarf.
3. Sterling Silver - Sleeveless silver maxi dress trimmed with pale yellow, gold bag (two variations).
4. Pink/blue/green long sleeved floral mini dress, TV.
5. Denim trousers, matching long sleeved top, guitar.
6. Rainy Day - Yellow vinyl mini coat trimmed with black, yellow belt, yellow headscarf, black boots.


1. Happy Wanderer - Black trousers, red sleeveless top, long sleeved top black/red, BOAC bag.
2. Leather Look - Sleeveless red top, long sleeved vinyl navy/white mini coat, navy vinyl mini skirt.
3. Hot Pants - Purple/yellow shorts, purple/yellow waistcoat, long sleeved pink/yellow floral top (two variations).
4. Swing Along - Blue felt trousers, blue/yellow felt long sleeved top, yellow fringed bag
5. short sleeved orange and blue midi dress with green dots.
6. orange long sleeved maxi dress, orange/pink/white floral pinafore.


1. Record Time - Purple trousers, long sleeved top in yellow with ant motif, record player
2. Checkmate (two variations) - Long sleeved pink/green/blue (or red/blue/yellow) tartan mini dress, blue shoulder bag, blue shoes
3. Orange Blossom - Orange/white/pink/green floral short sleeved mini dress, TV, orange shoes
4. Go Go Green - Red/pink/blue/green floral maxi skirt, long sleeved top in green velvet, green velvet belt, green boots
5. Fringes - Long sleeved maxi dress in orange/blue/white with white fringe trim.
6. Midnight Velvet - Long sleeved purple velvet maxi dress with yellow trim.



Princess Pippa - green sleeveless maxi dress with green ribbon at the waist, green shoes Meccano.
Dancing Pippa - Red short sleeved mini dress with white dots (two variations), red shoes.
Dancing Marie - White short sleeved mini dress with pink/blue floral motifs, blue shoes.
Dancing Tammie - long sleeved top and mini skirt of black floral fabric trimmed with pink and white lace, white shoes.
Dancing Britt - Yellow short sleeved mini dress trimmed with white lace, yellow shoes
Dancing Princess Pippa - green sleeveless maxi dress with green ribbon at the waist, green shoes.


These are repackaged Dawn outfits.
1. Green/blue/white striped mini dress, white belt, green/white hat
2. Swinging Strings - Red/pink/blue fringed sleeveless top, blue trousers, blue shoes, guitar
3. Pink/gold sleeveless mini dress
4. Tiger Lilly - Sleeveless top in yellow/black/white stripes, white trousers, TV
5. Sleeveless red/gold maxi dress (gold bodysuit with red skirt)
6. Sleeveless silver maxi dress with two red buttons at neck
7. Snow Princess - Long sleeved silver coat with white fur collar, black shoes, silver bag


1. Sweet Dreams - Pale pink striped sleeveless maxi dress (nightdress?), brush, mirror, comb, white shoes.
2. Dial-a-date - White with floral pink/lilac print sleeveless maxi dress.
3. Autumn Suit - Red trousers, red/blue/white floral short sleeved top, white shoes.
4. First Night - Gold trousers, white short sleeved fur top with flower motif (5 variations)
5. Daisy Belle - (three variations) three different floral fabrics navy/red/white/orange sleeveless maxi dress, round red bag, white shoes.
6. Fun Fur, Red trousers, white/red fur long sleeved top, red boots.


1. Guitar Girl - blue/pink/white/yellow floral trousers, yellow/floral long sleeved top, guitar, yellow shoes.
2. Trouser Wowser - pink/blue floral long sleeved top, blue trousers, blue shoes.
3. Walk in the Park - (three variations) Yellow/black/brown/green (or yellow/black/navy/orange) floral short sleeved midi dress, yellow shoes, grey poodle (two poodle variations).
4. Purple Delight (two variations) Black/pink/white (or blue/lilac/purple) floral sleeveless maxi dress, white shoes
5. Brown mini skirt, long sleeved top in orange, brown short sleeved coat, orange shoes
6. Lacy Luxury - Brown/yellow/orange/white floral maxi skirt, short sleeved top in orange, orange shoes, gold bag


1. In The Pink - Pink/tartan long sleeved mini dress, blue heart bag, blue shoes (three variations)
2. Pink Champagne - Pink/blue long sleeved mini dress, white shoes, plastic bottle (two variations)
3. Masquerade - (four variations) Angel sleeved long sleeved mini dress in red/blue/yellow (or blue/red/yellow or orange/red/yellow or orange/yellow/yellow), yellow shoes, white gloves.
4. Lovely Lace - Green/pink/yellow floral short sleeved mini dress with lace trim, white shoulder bag, white shoes.
5. Daisy Chain - (two variations) Cream/orange/green floral long sleeved mini dress, floral belt, white shoes
6. Hello Dolly - navy/yellow short sleeved mini dress, yellow phone, yellow shoes.



Second Issue Pippa - Green/pink/white floral long sleeved maxi dress, pink shoes.
Second Issue Marie - White/orange/yellow/purple/navy striped halterneck jumpsuit, navy shoes, (two variations).
Second Issue Britt - red sleeveless maxi dress trimmed with white lace, red shoes (two variations) Meccano.
Third Issue Tammie - blue and white gingham short sleeved maxi dress with navy ribbon at waist, navy shoes Meccano.


1. Metro - Long sleeved yellow jumpsuit with yellow belt, brown vinyl fringed waistcoat, brown shoes (two variations).
2. Champs Elysee - Long sleeved cream midi coat with cream belt, black handled yellow umbrella, black boots.
3. Pigalle - (four variations), Pink (or white or green) long sleeved maxi dress with sheer white fabric with black dots over main coloured fabric (also pink dress with red dots), silver bag, black shoes.
4. Montmartre - White short sleeved lace mini dress with red ribbon trim, matching white hat, silver bag, red shoes.
5. Fountainbleau - White short sleeved top, green trousers, long blue/white/green/orange waistcoat, lime shoes (three variations).
6. Indian Summer - Long sleeved black/white vinyl snakeskin midi coat with belt, white shoulder bag, white hat trimmed with yellow, black boots.


1. Coliseum - Long sleeved floral top in blue/green/white pink, white mini skirt, pink heart shaped bag, white shoes.
2. Forum - Blue/orange/white tartan jumpsuit, white fuzzy beret hat, white scarf, red shoes.
3. Minerva - Long sleeved navy/red/white floral maxi dress, red shoes, red headband.
4. St. Peter’s - Pink/blue/white long sleeved coat, matching headscarf, black boots.
5. Leonardo - Long sleeved navy/blue/green floral maxi dress, white hat trimmed with yellow, white shoes (two variations).
6. Trevi - Sleeveless maxi dress (white lace bodice and navy floral skirt), blue heart bag, blue shoes (two variations).


Long sleeved top and mini skirt in royal blue, yellow mini pinafore and red and white gingham short sleeved top, blue nurse uniform and hat, temperature chart, typewriter, airline tray and cup, yellow shoes, yellow scarf, blue shoes (two pairs) Meccano.


Blue and white gingham shorts, short sleeved top and headscarf, blue flight bag with SwissAir aeroplane sticker, white long sleeved top, maxi skirt with brown/orange/green floral patterned skirt and waistcoat, orange trousers, orange tartan long sleeved top, brown suitcase, sunglasses, blue shoes, orange shoes (two pairs) Meccano.


Red short sleeved maxi dress with floral motifs, red/navy/white floral short sleeved top and trousers, sleeveless top and trousers in striped fabric red/white/green/pink/yellow with stripy bag, record player and two speakers, a clear glass, two posters, three pairs of shoes.



First Issue Penny - red hair, Tartan long sleeved top, denim dungarees with tartan at waist, navy shoes.
First Issue Penny - brown hair, Tartan long sleeved top, denim dungarees with tartan at waist, navy shoes Meccano.
First Issue Mandy - White with red dots midi dress with pocket, red shoes Meccano.
First Issue Pete (rubber legs), Red/white/blue striped long sleeved top, blue trousers, black shoes Meccano Yan.


1. Dam Square Idler - Green poncho, yellow trousers, gold necklace, silver clutch bag, yellow shoes Meccano
2. Leidse Plein - Sleeveless maxi dress with white top and red skirt with white dots, long sleeved white top, red scarf with white dots, white shoes
3. Tulip Girl - White/purple/red/blue/yellow floral short sleeved maxi dress, red bag, red shoes
4. Sparkling Diamonds - Red trousers trimmed with silver, red poncho trimmed with silver, silver bag, red shoes
5. Kalverstraat - Navy dungarees with white dots and yellow/red floral pattern , short sleeved yellow top with blue/white dots collar, red and white radio, turquoise shoes
6. Vondel Park - Red and navy print short sleeved midi dress, red and white guitar, red shoes.


1. White trousers, white hat trimmed with black , navy waistcoat trimmed in white, red/white/black floral long sleeved top with dots, red shoes (two variations)
2. Red sleeveless maxi dress with lace overlay, record player, red shoes
3. (two variations) Long sleeved white/red midi dress with diamonds (or floral with hearts), sleeveless red dress, white shoes
4. White short sleeved lace top, black/red/yellow/green floral mini skirt, floral headscarf trimmed in yellow, yellow shoes, white shoulder bag (two variations)
5. Orange trousers, orange/white/purple floral long sleeved top, orange hat with floral trim, white shoes, orange BOAC bag
6.red long sleeved top marked with P, blue trousers, blue headscarf trimmed with white lace, red shoes.


1. Navy trousers, short sleeved navy/white floral top with dots, navy/white floral hat trimmed with yellow, yellow boots (two variations)
2. (three variations) Blue/pink/white/yellow sleeveless maxi dress, blue cape, blue bag, blue shoes
3. Yellow short sleeved top, blue/white/green sleeveless midi dress, yellow shoes
4.yellow/red/green/white long sleeved top, yellow maxi skirt with trim, yellow scarf, red shoes (two variations)
5. (three variations) Red/blue/green tartan (or pink/purple/green/white checked) trousers, matching short sleeved top with yellow, yellow phone, yellow shoes
6. Pink/orange/green/white tartan mini skirt, matching beret hat and scarf, matching sleeveless top, long sleeved white top, camera, blue shoes.


1. (two variations) Green/pink/blue tartan (or navy) long sleeved jumpsuit, blue beret hat, blue scarf, blue shoes Meccano
2. Bay City Rollers white trousers, red tartan long sleeved top, red tartan scarf, red shoes Meccano
3. Navy/red/pink/green floral trousers, long sleeved orange and floral top, orange rectangular bag, navy shoes
4. Blue denim trousers, red/blue/white striped long sleeved top, red/white guitar, red shoes Meccano
5. Red tartan long sleeved top, red trousers, white scarf with red pompoms, white and red hat.


1. Red trousers, long sleeved top in black with red/yellow/green dots, black Gary shoes Meccano
2. Blue denim dungarees, red/white checked long sleeved top, black Gary shoes Meccano
3. Green trousers, white/green/red/yellow checked long sleeved top with two green pockets, black Gary shoes
4. Blue denim trousers, red long sleeved top marked P, black Gary shoes Meccano
5. Blue denim trousers, blue/red tartan long sleeved top, black Gary shoes
6. Brown cord trousers with pockets, brown/tan long sleeved top, black Gary shoes Meccano.


1. White/blue/yellow checked long sleeved top, blue trousers, blue waistcoat, black Gary shoes
2. Blue/navy/white striped long sleeved top, navy trousers, square toe black shoes without a hole in the sole
3. Long sleeved green top, red/blue tartan trousers, tartan hat, square toe black shoes without a hole in the sole
4. Blue/red/white short sleeved top, blue trousers, black Gary shoes
5. Brown long sleeved top, cream trousers, black Gary shoes
6. White long sleeved top with fish motif, red trousers, black shoes.



1.Pippa Bride, (two variations) White long sleeved lace maxi dress, long veil, horseshoe, white shoes Meccano
2. Pippa Nurse, Blue and white striped long sleeved midi dress, white apron, red belt, white hat, white shoes
3. Second Issue Pete (pin jointed knees), Red/white/blue striped long sleeved top, blue trousers, black shoes
4. Third Issue Pippa, Red/white floral sleeveless midi dress, white shoes
5. Jasmine, blue kimono, blue tie belt, navy shoes (two variations)
6. Gail, yellow one-shouldered sleeveless top and orange (or red) fish maxi skirt, yellow shoes (two variations) Meccano
7. Second Issue Mandy - White and red short sleeved midi dress with red dots (no pocket), red shoes
8. Second Issue Penny, Short sleeved midi dress (white bodice with blue/pink and white gingham skirt), white shoes (two variations).


1. Orange/pink/white checked hooded short sleeved top, with shorts, sleeveless red top, sunglasses, orange shoes Meccano
2. Yellow poncho, red long sleeved top, red trousers, pearl necklace, red shoes Meccano
3. White sleeveless top and flared trousers both with anchor motifs, camera, red shoes, sunglasses
4. Dark blue coat and hat with white fur trim, yellow bag
5. Orange knee length sleeveless jumpsuit with blue trim, blue belt, orange/blue/white striped socks, orange beret hat, camera, sunglasses Meccano
6. (two variations) White long sleeved shirt with green/orange/pink floral print (or red/green/yellow), royal blue trousers, blue scarf, turquoise shoes, sunglasses Meccano.


1. Black floral maxi length cape with white fur collar, matching sleeveless maxi dress, silver bag, white shoes Meccano
2. (two variations) Black (or red) floral maxi skirt, long sleeved coat with white fur trim, silver bag, white shoes
3. Blue lace long sleeved maxi dress, silver bag, white shoes Meccano
4. Navy blue/orange/white floral short sleeved maxi dress, long white scarf, silver bag, white shoes
5. Black floral poncho with white fringe, matching sleeveless maxi dress, white shoes, silver bag
6. Red sparkly sleeveless midi dress, red shoes, white wrap.


1. Black floral sleeveless midi dress with red tie-belt, fan, red shoes or blue shoes Meccano
2. Sleeveless yellow top with collar, brown/orange/yellow floral trousers, fan, yellow shoes, straw hat Meccano
3. Black floral long sleeved maxi dress (kimono style) with red waistband, fan, red shoes Meccano
4. (two variations) Red floral patterned long sleeved top with yellow trim, matching red trousers with yellow trim, fan, straw hat, yellow shoes Meccano
5. Black floral maxi dress (kimono) with long sleeves, fan, red shoes or orange shoes Meccano
6. (two variations) Yellow maxi dress (kimono) with dark or light braid trim and long sleeves, fan, red, blue or yellow shoes Meccano.



Pippa's Bridesmaid - Orange and white long sleeved maxi dress, posy of flowers, white shoes
Pippa Air Hostess - Dark blue long sleeved top, dark blue mini skirt, white top, red/blue/white scarf, dark blue hat, dark blue shoes


1. Dark green short sleeved midi dress with yellow trim, yellow shoes
2. White long sleeved hooded jacket with blue trim, blue knickerbockers, white boots
3. Yellow long sleeved top with purple “52” motif on front, purple shorts, yellow/purple hat, yellow socks with purple knee patches
4. Red/white striped long sleeved top, knee length denim trousers, red/white striped socks
5. Blue long sleeved tie-belt coat with blue/white houndstooth checked sleeves, belt and pockets, matching trousers, checked hat, blue shoes
6. Green long sleeved midi dress with lace sleeves, hat, green shoes.



Yellow floral sleeveless midi dress with red, blue and green flowers, white shoes.

Second Issue Princess Pippa - (in first variation of her dress), red sleeveless maxi dress made with braid – black with red flowers and turquoise leaves, red shoes
Film Star Pippa - white maxi dress trimmed in silver, silver crown, white shoes.

PARK LANE COLLECTION (one extra fashion)

1. White with blue floral print dungarees, short sleeved red top, blue visor, red shoes
2. (two variations) Long sleeved orange (or red) top, orange/blue/white/yellow (or red/green/white) tartan sleeveless mini dress with bib, tartan hat, red shoes or navy shoes
3. Sleeveless navy floral maxi dress with white dots, red shawl trimmed in white lace, white shoes
4. Sleeveless red top, cream knee length trousers, long sleeved cream top, cream hat, red shoes
5. Short sleeved white top, red floral maxi skirt, red floral shawl, white shoes
6. (two variations) Black/red/green/white (or brown/orange/yellow/white) floral long sleeved midi dress with blue sleeves, matching shawl, navy shoes or yellow shoes
7. (extra fashion) Blue and white long sleeved coat with tie belt and hat.


Long sleeved red top with pockets, white trousers, black riding hat (variation in brown?), black boots, brown riding crop.



Second Issue Princess Pippa (with Second dress variation) - Red sleeveless maxi dress with floral braid - green with red and yellow flowers, shoes
Gala Occasion Pippa - Blue sleeveless midi dress, cream short sleeved top, plastic hat, blue shoes
Pippa Goes Dancing Gift Set, white leotard, white mesh tights, pink tutu, black long sleeved midi dress trimmed with gold, black shoes, white ballet shoes.


1. Sleeveless green midi dress with white ricrac trim, white velvet heart motif and green pocket, short sleeved white top, green triangular headscarf trimmed in white, navy shoes
2. Orange dungarees with floral straps, short sleeved blue top, blue visor, navy shoes
3. Navy/pink?/blue floral sleeveless mini dress, matching hat and beach bag, navy shoes
4. Short sleeved red floral maxi dress with handkerchief hem and white underskirt, matching headscarf, red shoes
5. Blue/white checked gingham short sleeved top, matching maxi skirt (gypsy style), white shoes
6. (two variations) Blue (or red) floral long sleeved top, blue (or red) floral midi skirt with red (or black) waistband, red shoes.


1. Short sleeved blue/red/green & white striped top (three variations)
2. Blue trousers, mirror, comb, brush
3. Long sleeved red/green/blue &white checked top with headscarf (three variations)
4. Blue/red/green denim flared trousers (4 variations)
5. Swimsuit (4 variations)
6. Long sleeved blue/white checked gingham top, sunglasses, turquoise shoes
7. Long sleeved cream towelling top (three variations)
8. White trousers, record player, blue shoes
9. Pinafore/dress blue/white checked gingham, sunglasses, turquoise shoes
10. Pinafore/dress green/white dots, pink comb, brush, mirror
11. Blue cord skirt, radio, red shoes
12. Long sleeved blue/white checked gingham top, radio
13. Black and gold midi dress
14. Red dungarees, camera
15. Brown dungarees, pink phone
16. Short sleeved red top, record player
17. Long sleeved striped top pink/blue/white/black, striped socks (two variations)
18. White dungarees, red shoes or TV
19. Long sleeved red/white top with dots, white bag
20. Short sleeved red top, red shoes
21. Blue trousers, white boots
22. Long sleeved white top, red shoes, radio
23. Long sleeved brown top with pocket at front, pink TV
24. Brown dungarees, white/brown long sleeved top (two variations).



1. Green/pink/black/white mini dress with blue fringes, white shoes
2. Mini dress, orange/red top, gold skirt, white shoes (two variations)
3. Silver mini dress, white shoes
4. Pink and blue mini, blue shoes
5. Pink mini dress, gold bow
6. Gold/pink/orange mini dress, majorette style, yellow shoes (two variations)
7. Pink/blue/white/yellow mini dress, white shoes
8. Silver/black checked mini dress
9. Green/gold mini dress, white shoes
10. Silver/gold shorts suit, majorette style, white shoes
11. (two variations) Red sleeveless top with 10 on front, yellow shorts
12. Pink/white/gold shorts suit, majorette style, white shoes
13. Red/gold mini dress, red shoes
14. Red/gold/white mini dress, majorette style, yellow shoes
15. Pink/silver mini dress.


1. Red and white sleeveless top and shorts, white shoes
2. Long sleeved purple top trimmed with white lace, yellow trousers
3. White with red dots sleeveless dress trimmed with red, matching hat, white shoes
4. Red mini skirt with white dots, white short sleeved jacket with red buttons
5. Sleeveless halterneck top and maxi striped skirt
6. Short sleeved orange/yellow floral top, orange trousers, white shoes
7. Short sleeved gold and yellow maxi dress, white shoes
8. Pink floral long sleeved mini dress with apron, white shoes
9. Pink and red long sleeved coat, white shoes
10. Sleeveless smiley top matching grey trousers, white shoes
11. Yellow sleeveless top trimmed with green, matching hat, green belt, white shoes.


1. Yellow patterned sleeveless midi dress, matching bag, white shoes
2. Blue/white checked short sleeved maxi dress
3. Pink/white patterned sleeveless maxi dress
4. Sleeveless white midi dress, three gold buttons, white stockings
5. Pink/white or red/white sleeveless patterned top and matching trousers, white belt (two variations)
6. Red/white floral short sleeved maxi dress with white frill, matching hat
7. Black/white checked sleeveless midi dress trimmed with red, matching hat, white shoes
8. Long sleeved red coat with two gold buttons, red beret with bead in center
9. Blue/pink floral sleeveless maxi dress with green bows (two variations)
10. Yellow sleeveless midi dress, white/green/yellow/navy long sleeved patterned top


1. Green with white dots short sleeved floral maxi dress, matching headscarf
2. Blue/pink/white floral sleeveless midi dress
3. Green/white/red floral sleeveless maxi dress, matching headscarf (three variations)
4. White/yellow/red/navy floral long sleeved maxi dress
5. Orange/green/yellow checked tartan sleeveless midi dress, matching bag
6. Red/white striped long sleeved midi dress, matching hat
7. Red floral long sleeved maxi dress with apron
8. Blue short sleeved maxi dress
9. White/orange/red floral short sleeved maxi dress
10. Blue/white checked short sleeved maxi dress, blue collar, blue belt.


1. White long sleeved top, red/black/white striped maxi skirt, sleeveless red top
2. Blue/red floral short sleeved maxi dress, white and red apron, red shoes
3. Red/blue/white striped long sleeved top, red trousers, blue shoes
4. Pink/white checked gingham sleeveless maxi dress
5. Red/blue/white floral long sleeved top, green/red short sleeved jumpsuit, red shoes (two variations)
6. Black/orange long sleeved top, short sleeved orange/white jumpsuit, black shoes
7. Red tartan trousers, tartan cape, long sleeved navy top, white bag
8. Green short sleeved top, Green/blue floral dungarees, white shoes
9. White/orange/blue floral sleeveless midi dress, matching headscarf, white shoes
10. White/blue/navy long sleeved maxi dress, blue shoes.

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