Pippa - The the pocket size fashion doll
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pecification - Technical information, doll head numbers, mould identification and hair colour variation
Palitoy - The Coalville factory, history and details about the company who produced Pippa dolls
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Pippa literature

All the items listed blso contain elow aa higher resolution (larger picture size) printable and downloadable pdf file, some of the file sizes are up to about 7Mb in size so be patient while downloading, it will be worth it in the end.

Palitoy Catalogue Pippa pages

1973 Palitoy Catalogue
1974 Palitoy Catalogue
1975 Palitoy Catalogue
1976 Palitoy Catalogue
1977 Palitoy Catalogue
1978 Palitoy Catalogue
1979 Palitoy Catalogue

1980 Palitoy Catalogue

Magazine Adverts

Pippa adverts

Paper doll books

Pippa paper doll 1
Pippa paper doll 2

Pippa booklets

Pippa booklet 1
Pippa booklet 2
Pippa booklet 3

Pippa instruction leaflets

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